Two for Joy

As you might have noticed, today was a good day in the world of RedHead - achieving celebrity status in the world of reader style. Here's hoping something comes of it. 
Several people have complemented me on my photogenic....ness and wondered if this would be the start of a modelling career. Ha. Fat chance. But a nice thought. 
But I felt the need to dress the part of photo-ready fashionista. 
Topshop finally got their 'drapey top with bird print' formula right - their first attempt, featuring short sleeves, blackbirds and roses, is great if you're 15/a dancer/not that big on eating, but this second attempt, featuring fitted sleeves from the elbow down and magpies, is much better and flatters every shape. I think. I like magpies and it's a great theatric top. As you can see. I had fun playing with lighting.

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  1. This outfit is amazing, I love your hair!

    xx fesi-fashion


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