Wardrobe Malfunction

I was alllll geared up to try double denim today. My nice lumberjack denim shirt was clean, and I figured a pale denim shirt with indigo denim jeans would be nicely slimming. 
Yes? Yes! It works! I celebrated by going all denim-crazy and buying myself a denim shirt-dress for £15 in the Warehouse sale. Now all I need is some sun....
But I decided, as my mother makes comments about how non-ironed is clearly this season's look, to iron my shirt. Huge mistake. Iron covered in brown residue. Shirt now covered in brown residue. RedHead rethinks. 
Mark 2...
I've had this top/sweater fusion for ages but it's tricky to wear. I finally got it right with blue jeans (it looks plain oppresive with black or grey) and a black vest top, and some good bling and amazing shoes.
It's a cool top as it looks like chainmail close up. 
I LOVE THESE SHOES. They are so fab. The studs do rub small stud-holes in my toes if I walk down hill too much, so that's got to be weirdly good. 
So it all turned out alright. My black boyfriend jacket, some hair gel and eyeliner and I was good to go.
Sorted. Maybe I'll do the double denim for London trip tomorrow. Busy busy Monday, people! So I probably won't be posting til Monday evening. Have lovely days!

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  1. Love your top and I need those boots!



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