We all know a ginger nerd

I do know a ginger nerd. And by some wonderful twist of awesome his latest status update appeared in my Facebook newsfeed just below the newsfeed post notifying me of a friend 'liking' 'We all know a ginger nerd. How cool is that?
I am not really that ginger, and I am not really a nerd anymore. I used to be a proper fantasy nerd, dressing in weird clothes and reading weird books.
I am, I might add, at a themed event and in costume (the theme was Narnia, I was Susan) but I didn't have to buy anything specially. Except the tiny bow. My real one is big and probably illegal in the surroundings.
I still have that dress. It's wonderful despite it being supernerdy. I bought it at a market in France.

But yes, we all know and love a ginger nerd.
And I do love gingers. I am very much in love with the pictures of most recent ANTM winner Nicole Fox in the campaign for Wildfox Couture.


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