What's a girl to do?

The friend that I mentioned in my swimsuit vs bikini post has invited me back to her seaside cottage for a week of beachy fun in August. The swimsuit dilemma continues. I will NOT look like a big white whale this year. 
So I'm on the hunt for the perfect swimsuit. And I need some help. 
I went to my trusty favourite Asos, and almost laughed at their idea of what constitutes a swimsuit. 
WTF? These aren't swimsuits. They are bikins with more straps and funny tanline extras. And they make me despair. 
I LOVE this suit....because it reminds me of the one Serena wears in the pool party episode of Gossip Girl.
But I'm after something practical, yet fabulous. If you haven't got a body good enough to be a moneymaker all by itself, you need a killer suit. 
So ladies (and gents), help a RedHead out. I'm a pear-shaped girl with a long body, so I need a website or shop that does varied length suits. I would ideally like red or purple, perhaps with a pattern. Something a bit like this one here. 
Something so that when I walk down the beach, I achieve this....
...as opposed to this...


  1. http://www.swimsuitsforall.com/products.asp?product_id=104747&dept_id=101417&parent_id=100003

    That actually looks kinda similar to what you want. I think you're skinnier than the model in the picture though. It comes in black too.


    That one's sort of like it too?

  2. I know it sounds horrifically frumpy, but when I was looking for 'classic swimsuit' it threw up this:


    which fundamentally has that 50s shape, but the unfortunate addition of those horrible gathered sides and dangly bits :/

    The plunge neckline one, whilst cool, would do nothing for a long body I fear, you'd need it to slash to the waist and be solid from there (like Serena's) I think verticals on a long body with horizontals on the hips for a pear shape probably spells disaster :( Not even really sure that model can carry it off!


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