Why yes, I can afford a Celine suit

Once I had a question published in the Style 118 section of Grazia, asking for advice on trendy workwear. The advice I got was buy something from Celine or Chloe. I did stress that I was on a student/graduate salary. They obviously chose to ignore that bit.
I want to go to Celine. It looks fun.
Admittedly, I tried on a version of this top/dress in Zara and it didn't look very good on me. Phew!
But instead, as I can't afford any labels right now, I'm just going to be taking inspiration from a few choice SS10 collections for my summer wardrobe. When summer arrives...
Rag & Bone...

I love the tracksuit bottoms. There was a feature in The Times on Wednesday where three of the writers tried some and one of the girls waxed lyrical about a £20 pair from Topshop. Off I go! I love the grey ones in the final photo with the blue shirt and brown belt. It's such a fresh palette.

Sportmax (the probable inspiration for my new Topshop shoes..

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