Catching up with an old friend

Having spent all this time bopping around the internet looking at lovely designer-y stuff, I felt it was high time to check back in with one of my favourite designers, William Tempest. When on an interview last year for a research job at a lifestyle website, the interviewer asked who my favourite new designer was and my mind when blank. I said Peter Pilotto. Fail. I don't like Peter Pilotto.
I do, however, love the Tempest. Ever since Grazia ran a feature on him last year I've been smitten ever since. His first collection was the kind of spark of genius that prompts prizes in other fields (like first novels, for example).
With the premise of this amazing first collection fresh in my mind, I eagerly anticipated the web page to load showing his latest collection. But unlike the first, which was breakout, bold and beautiful, this one is neater, cleaner and safer. It's more of a grower. I miss the grandiose appeal of his first breakout collection, but this is still beautiful and bold, with the combination of dreamy light green and inky, oily black fabrics.
(Images from WilliamTempest.com)

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  1. I LOVE his style, thanks for turning me on to William Tempest. Recently I've been attracted to a lot of feminine draping like this Elie Saab number worn by Gemma Arterton, but there's a part of my personal style that loves the architectural look Tempest embodies. Great seafoam green, too. It'd look great as a Fender Strat as well :)


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