Come with me, my love, to the sea

As I sit solemnly underground looking out on turbulent June weather (I need to continue ploughing through Wuthering Heights) and dreaming of an escape to the big city and my dream job, my mind wanders.
Today, as you will see later, I came over all hal-coholic (I am obsessed with that girl's style) and found myself a longline leopard-print shirt. It's awesomesauce. I have also added the most badass piece of jewellery I own; my trusty Thomas Sabo raven perched on a crystal. I love Sabo.
But thanks to Hal and some blogger friends, I have been discovering some more awesome jewellery. Now that Larry Laptop (that's not actually its name, I might call it Leviathan, or Hobbes for short, as it's MASSIVE) has arrived safely I can start saving for my next big purchase. On the shortlist?
I discovered the jewellery line Bjorg on a shopping trip in Worcester, in one of my favourite little jewellery boutiques. It's partly my favourite because it's called Rock Lobster and every time we walk past it my SO sings the Rock Lobster song in the manner of Peter from Family Guy. It's also awesome because they have such a great range to suit all budgets, from cute Sabo charms for £15 to stupidly extravagant thousand-pound purchases for the rich and fabulous.
Sitting nicely on the more expensive side of cheap was Bjorg, a Norwegian line they've just started carrying. The new range is inspired by Charles Darwin (apparently) and features delicate rings and elegant dogtags inscribed with quotes and anecdotes, as well as some beautiful pendants and rings using largely unrefined chunks of crystal and animal-inspired motifs. I went a bit mad for their silver crab claw. Unfortunately it was over £250. Next time. Then I can get myself a lobster vest to match.
A little perusing of their website and the internet made me fall even more in love with their kooky yet classy collection. Most of the online fans seemed to be in love with their heart charms. They're not what you'd think.

They make me think of Florence and the Machine. And the bizarrely macabre-ness yet strangely endearing quality makes me think of...BloodMilk. Hal loves BloodMilk. Sister Wolf hates it. I find it creepily awesome.
BloodMilk is an independent jewellery creator from Philadelphia and makes mostly brass pieces to order. Typically, I love her bird claws.
I also love how she adds a small snippet of the history of the birds/animals in question.
If I can get over the funny looks I'll get for wearing one of her pieces anywhere other than a midnight romp through the woods with Bellatrix Lestrange I am seriously considering it. Her pieces are like Pamela Love on the cheap (cheaper than Bjorg, but only slightly and I am not great with exchange rates) but with more personality. And in beautiful colours; I love that dark silver colour that the oxidised brass has.
For even cheaper takes on Pamela Love's extortionate skullwork, the Esty seller Blue Bayer is another favourite of Hal's, and offers cute little hummingbird and raven skulls for under $100, as well as an amazing octopus ring that a friend of mine will love.
Isn't he so cutely evil?
Of course, most of these are going to involve shipping charges, which makes things complicated. So I could just be a stereotype and order a Low Luv gold cross. Despite how increasingly annoying I find Erin Wasson, the range is lush.

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