Don't interrupt me, honey

Another lovely sunny day filled with sitting quietly in the sunshine in huge sunglasses. It was a very American Beauty day; big open sky, lots of trees blowing in the wind. I'm surprised that Ricky didn't pop up with his video camera.
I know from these photos that today's outfit looks a bit awful - I need to bring my tripod out, a cameraman, a mum.... - but it did work. I am really into long floaty dress/tops with longer hemlines at the back. This one has a lovely, dappled/camo grey print that is quite Wang, plus it's got great pockets at the perfect height for hooking your fingers into nonchalantly. It would work best with a jacket, boots and no trousers, but I needed to make it slightly work-appropriate as it's rather see-through.
I know the shoes don't go with the black trousers. But I wanted to wear them. And I know I have huge arms. It's muscle, I tell you.

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