Everybody cut footloose

Hellz yeah! I was boogie-ing on down to....well actually, to Kelly Rowland. Have you heard her new song? Killer. But dancing is dancing.
S'alright y'all, I'll be your commander. In my leopard-print shirt and the cutest little peep-toe boots ever. The laces and eyelets are so delicate. I've loved them from the moment I saw them and when they finally went on sale they were MINE. Mwahahaha. There is so much wonderful stuff around. I'm eyeing up Topshop's armour ring and their striped split-side maxi-dress, but so is the rest of the world and they're both sold out. Sigh. Ah well, I've got plenty of clothes 'til then.
It's strange thinking that I've only got a few days left at work before the long summer holiday. I spent so much time underground that I don't really notice the long sunny afternoons.
The evenings are nice though.

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  1. beautiful photo's, love the last one, really unique

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