Exhausting Adventures of a Jobseeker and Fashionista

Just returned from my short and sweet sojourn to London in search of fame and fortune. While there I:
  • enjoyed changeable British weather; pouring rain one day, baking heat the next
  • made friends with a shoe designer's sister in Topshop, and lamented the phasing out of its amazing strawberry laces once again
  • bought shoes
  • finally visited All Saints, Spitalfields, and marvelled at both the massive choice and the stupid prices
  • spent the train journey trying to arrange an appointment with an investor research company. Swanky offices near Lincolns Inn, very nice
  • saw more posters of Lenny Henry in one small space than exists outside his home
  • brought safari workwear chic to Holborn
  • carried a very bright pink kitbag
  • enjoyed the new issue of Elle immensely, especially the highly weird cover (presumably the unflattering photo was intentional, given the article inside about Kristen Stewart's attitude to fame), the accompanying interview, the leading fashion shoot and the Mademoiselle column
  • ordered, ate and paid for sushi in under 15 minutes
  • got rather painful feet from all the pavement pounding.
Busy business, all this! So I will be back to my normal self tomorrow. Finally going to see SATC2 with some friends in the evening, am preparing for a well-costumed let-down, but a bit of a laugh. I'll just have to screen out every time Charlotte's voice goes up an octave.

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