Fathers' Day

Today is Fathers' Day, apparently a day that gets very little attention compared to Mothers' Day. I guess because Mothering Sunday is printed on most calendars.
But we always remember it in our family, because every year we (or at least some of us) go to visit some friends just outside London. Their village holds a Fathers' Day fete, with a big Fun Run at the end of the festivities. I did that for the first time in about five years. I think I had long hair when I ran it last. That's a long time ago.
So now I have bad ankles and large blisters. Oh well. It was indeed fun.
Every competitor gets a medal no matter where they placed. Here's my dad in his.
We all got back into nicer clothes after the run - my dad put on the new polo shirt I bought him, and I put on my new Kurt Geiger sale shoes. Then promptly had red wine thrown over them. But thanks to quick action, they are stain-free.
They are cute little suede blue-grey shoobs that I imagine Alexa wearing. Or some cool 80s type on a quiet day. The dress has little white stars all over it and it's super old. Thankfully it still fits. Good ol' Primark.
I was hoping to do some lovely sunshiney photos but we were a bit busy and had to make a speedy getaway back down the motorway. But we couldn't have wished for a better day.
Right, back to stretching out my legs and being a caregiver to my rats.

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