Further proof that the Superwoman exists and she is ginger

I previously published a post under that title featuring the divine Christina Hendricks. That face! That hair! That cleavage! I need to get the Mad Men boxset.
But I've got more proof for you here that the Superwoman is cut from an albaster and ginger cloth - the Louis Vuitton Fall '10 campaign. Watch Karen Elson work it beside her stoic co-stars (yes I know I'm speaking ill of the great Christy Turlington, and she does look beautiful too, as does the doe-eyed, Angela Hayes-a-like Nadia Vodianova, but Karen wins for me. While the other two are static, she is alive, vibrant and sensual.)

Just look at her.
(Yet note how she's never in the foreground.)
(Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue)

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