Girls just wanna have fun

They do!
There was nothing else I could call this outfit post after remembering Cyndi Lauper's cameo in Gossip Girl.
Cyndi loves her crazy hair and leopard print. The 'hilarious' chefs at work told me Rod Stewart was on the phone and wanted his shirt back. I did tell them that I'd already had a 'call' from Cyndi.
Wonder where she stands on Smurf legs (as I was called at one point).
I initially started out with bare legs (well to tell the truth, I started the day in jeans, but got far too hot), but common decency plus the need for stupid tights got the better of me. After yesterday's bliserfest I was limping a lot today, so no silly shoes. Hence the need for silly tights. And pulling silly faces.
So maybe the blue legs were a bit much (especially that crazy one in the second photo - that's normal for me). But I had fun! Back to trousers tomorrow I think. Though I do have some pretty wild trousers.
Today is the Summer Solstice, or the longest day of the year. It's 10.30pm now, and there's still light in the sky, and it was light this morning at 5.30. (A wasp woke me up, they often get stuck between my window and my blinds) I feel I should be dancing under a tree barefoot but instead I will sit on my bed and listen to some strange New Age music and wear feathers in my hair. I'm loving the feather headband stylings of Fashion Toast and The Haute Pursuit. Wonder what the chefs would say if I tried that out tomorrow?
Happy Solstice. May your crops grow, and may you reap what you sow.

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