Heat on the street

It was practically too hot to move today. But I had to (go into town to get a new phone sorted, wooo) so I wore as little as possible.
See, GYM LEGS! I slathered them in Factor 30, never fear. I'll be blinding you with my vampire legs for months to come (we hope).
Until about 11 hours ago these shorts were skinny jeans. Around this time last year, when I was about a size bigger than I am now (ie a GREAT white whale) I ordered several pairs of Asos jeans. The trouble with skinny jeans is that (and if anyone knows of any mid-price brands that DON'T do this, name!) they assume that you are just as big round the front as round the back, so now all the jeans I fitted into last summer have a little room at the front for a baby bump or a food baby. Unattractive, cheap-looking (as in 'cannot afford jeans that fit') gape-age. Ugh.
So that was another good reason to cut off a pair into shorts. I have some lovely light blue ones that are amazing, but also suffer from the 'missing belly' waistband gape. Sigh.
So yes, voila shorts! I may do some more customising of them at a later date, but today I was in a hurry and had just enough time to make them look relatively even all the way round.
Last Saturday night at work today before the long summer break - woo! True to form hardly any custom so I spent a lot of time clapping at Dr Who and dancing around to music tv. This was shot with Alejandro as the soundtrack. Good ol' Gaga.
Then on the bike ride home we had some of the Avatar soundtrack, which was quite fitting considering this sunset...
The camera doesn't do it justice but the sun was blood red. Y'know, neon blood. And then the moon rose orange. So it's been a colourful night. And now my room has actually got cold again so I'm going to take full advantage and sleep. Night!


  1. oh those shorts are so cute!

  2. They look great, not at all like DIY.

    That's my plan too. I have so many old pairs that I don't want to throw away but need revamping. Off to get the scissors I go...

    Love JOjo xx


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