I had a really clever title for this post, then I forgot it

It was going to be something about T-Birds, because my outfit today was a T-Bird-style leather-look jacket with my Marty Maraschino sunglasses.

Aren't they fuuuuuunky? They even have teeny tiny diamente details on the catseye corners.

Yeah I go in for silly sunglasses sometimes. I want some aviators with gold lenses a la SJP.

I want, I want. I did have a nice little shopping trip today, the results of which will no doubt be staggered over the next few days. I have a thing for studs. I need to find a good online haberdashers to buy some from, anyone got any recommendations?

My dad had a bunch of his university friends over for the weekend and my room became part of the family guesthouse enterprise, hence no post yesterday. But here's my outfit - I did change a few times due to cold but I started in this - with those wonderful floral trousers. They're a bit big for me round the waist now so I may need to do some adjusting.
So that's the end of a long week. I learned many things: how big a chip on my shoulder I have because of my degree; how awesome my dad's trouser collection was at uni; how little time I've spent with my new amazing huge laptop, and to be honest how little time I spend with everything; and how many pictures of Freja I can cram onto my wardrobe doors. Never enough. I am compiling a scrapbook now.
PS I also fell in love with this skirt, it's very McQueen.

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  1. Amazing trousers! I really want to dabble in some patterned trews' but I'm scared that with my height they would dwarf me! I'm curious, how tall are you?

    oh & amazing quote you commented on my blog! I have heard rather good things about that 'An Education' - I may have to watch it :)



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