'I'm going to wail on my pecs, and then I'm going to do my back.'

Have re-affirmed my belief that American Beauty is the greatest film of our time. Kevin Spacey is an absolute god; his performance puts him up there well within my Top Five actors. I am having a little ambient time listening to the music in my dimly lit room while my rats frolic on the floor and eat my shoes, and while the drug squad helicopters make a heck of a lot of noise outside. Yeah. I live in a rough neighbourhood.
I was very excited about today's outfit, but because of the cloudy sky and subsequent bad lighting the pictures are a bit naff. Apologies. No doubt this top will come out again though. I love long floaty tops. Shame it's short at the front, as it stops juuuuust at the point where I get wide, but hey ho. It makes the back so much more interesting. I think Lars and Madonna (see below) would like it.
The first photo appears with thanks to the wind; how cool is that effect? I felt the need to have the hood up. I like hoods, and big droopy beanie hats; they give the illusion that I might have longer hair, which is sometimes useful as I believe longer hair can make you look slimmer. All about drawing the eye down. But I'm weird.
I can't tell if this is the result of bad lighting or I am really that green. Scary. But for some crazy reason I decided buttercup yellow was a good idea for my nails. Yeah. Ah well, life is all about the silly little experiments. There is also a Topshop ring that looks all cool and expensive and a lovely plain cross from Sabo. I like it, it's so rawk.

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