It's June, but I'm frozen

I have discovered the fashion label Lars Andersson by way of HalCoHolic by way of withasianstereotypes. It's basically how I want to dress for the rest of my life.
That's how you master the fine art of how to put next to no effort into your outfit and still look incredibly chic. It speaks volumes about why black is the best colour to wear. Though admittedly I'd feel a bit silly in this in the winter.
But if I had this I would totally wear it all year round. It worked for Madonna. Admittedly she only dressed like this for a few minutes. While turning into panthers and birds and horses and stuff.
'Awww darn I'm mortal again! Wait.....'
I am quite fortunate to have found this guy because it will tie nicely into what I'm wearing today. More on that later....oooh floaty black angry clothing. It says wild moors. It says witchcraft and magic. It says death to fake tan, plastic hair and everything cutesy and floral.
PS RedHead has exciting news to share with her fellow bloggers. From July she will be....oh for Christ's sake, this is no time for third person speech. I'm going to be a fashion intern!


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