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Putting my Ipod onto Shuffle is like sorting your wardrobe or hunting for treasure at a jumper sale - you find wonderful things you forgot about. Case in point - this song. I love this song more than life, and this video makes it better.
Bryan Ferry, singing 'Is Your Love Strong Enough?' from the soundtrack to Legend, a 1982 film starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry. My favourite fantasy film of all time. It's got it all: good vs. evil; a handsome hero and a beautiful heroine; mythical creatures; Tim Curry camping it up to the max as the Devil; crazy music. Though to ruin our fun the only DVD release of the film features a generic score by Jerry Goldsmith, instead of the wonderfully weird original by Tangerine Dream. I had to pay £25 for the Tangerine Dream score - best money I ever spent on music. The film is a thing of childlike (yet it's not a kids' film) beauty, and Tom Cruise, back in the day, was quite hot.
Anywayyyyy. I will have a lovely time skipping around in forests pretending to be a wood nymph on another occasion. Today I was a pirate.
Eek scary bendy leg!
Well, I didn't start out that way. I just wanted a different way to wear my A-line 90s-style denim skirt and the pirate-esque thing came out of that. Along with my Rick-and-Alexander-esque boots, and a skull and crossbones scarf that I bought for my brother in Crete and is about ten years old, and sort of borrowed. That was a funny story; I bought him the scarf and gave it to him when we were on a dolphin-watching boat trip, unfortunately his sea-legs were a bit wobbly and he was more interested in the plastic bag the scarf was in. Ah well, we got the scarf out of the bag in time.
I wanted to copy a favourite look of Hal's where she is wearing a very Proenza Schouler-like longline cardigan and knotted turban. I need a lighter fabric and some lessons, but this served the purpose. Sort of. I was reading an interview with Mischa Barton who sometimes appreciates the paparazzi shots that show her that the outfit that she thought looked great didn't quite work. These photos show me ALL my outfits don't work, because they are shot on timer and propped on a step or a table. I felt cool swanning around pretending to a pirate hippy. And it was hard to feel down on such a beautiful day. The sky was so clear it felt like it went on forever.
And when you have lots of fun chunky jewellery to play with. I want to have hands loaded with rings, it gives you so much personality and you feel all witchy. Today I had to make do with my two Topshop faceted rings in gold and silver, and one of my Sabo rings. I love this one as it's got carved detailing all the way round the band.
I am sad that due to being in a kitchen cooking and cleaning my hands are all dry like an old lady's. My mum used to say I should be a hand model as I've got long thin fingers. Having seen all the hand models in the Fairy washing up liquid hands I've discovered there's no call for long thin white hands with short non-French-manicured nails. Oh well. I'm off to bed and to stick my hands in E45.
On a lighter note, I decided on random impulse to name one of the many spiders that lives in the bike shed Arnold.

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