King of Pain

I couldn't comment on whether there was a little black spot on the sun today, as I spent most of it inside and underground. Looking forward to being in a workplace with windows.
I was the King of Pain today as I still can't walk down stairs properly due to my tight leg muscles and the fact that I have an epic, multi-layered blister on my foot. Wah wah wah. Silly shoes tomorrow I think.
Today's outfit, due to the heat, was rather minimal, and to make it really work I sense the need for many more layers and jewels. But it centred round a very specific pair of trousers.
These Topshop bad boys, first seen on Karen of Where Did U Get That. I actually saw these in the shop before I saw them on Karen. I even tried them on. They failed. I saw them on Karen. I concluded they were awesome and deserved a second go. I bought them a size bigger. Much better. I can hide things in them. Y'know, in theory.
I am MC Hammerin' away. See, they look fine when I go on tiptoe and do distracting poses! Hippy girls can wear harems!
Y'know, in theory. But they are fun, comfy and will probably look better with some attitude-packed sunglasses, a jacket and some extra cool shoes. Or boots. The possibilities are endless. After yesterday's love-in with blue and leopard print, I was so lazy today I just cut out the middle man. I have a lovely blue tiger-stripe scarf that I got recently in the Harvey Nichols sale. Did I tell you? I am just excited. Look, here it is.
Ahhhhh. Imagine that with the trousers. Madness. Or my leopard-print shirt with my zebra-print skinny jeans.....oh it will be wonderful. But let's stick to the leopard harems for now.
And actually, they are a neat fusion of two of my fave Resort looks.

You see? Coooooool. Though I want those Preen shorts. Or is it a skirt? I feel the need to make some cool stuff. Gok has filled me with this compulsion to stitch everything to everything else and put studs on it all.

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  1. Hiya , your comment about the african banks (*cough cough) made me chuckle, I always get them bloody emails !
    By the by they are the best pants I have ever seen, you work em well!



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