Life as we know it

Today has been one of those interesting days where you notice how big the gap between the rich and the poor is. Now, as you will see by my miraculous ability to expand my wardrobe by magic, I am by no means poor, but I am by no means rich. There are some seriously rich people in the world. Today's Grazia had an interview with the daughter or Mohammed Al Fayed, who has, according to Grazia, 'had to search to find the work she really wanted to do', which involved a stint at US Vogue and work with her sister's fashion label, before charity work and now the happy, settled life of a twentysomething millionheiress. Elsewhere in the world of fashion, there seems to be some sort of fashion event/blogging convention going on in Florence, cue Blogger being flooded with images of perky young things (some nobly wearing high street) trotting around on the streets of 'Firenze' taking photos of eachother and probably shopping. With, y'know, maybe a trip to the Ufitzi thrown in.
While the rest of us sit at home, hard at work, having forsaken the chance of a summer holiday for the chance to, y'know, make some money and further their career, and feeling just a little bit pissed off by the excesses of those who can and the total disregard for their good fortune.
Am I slowly going down that road? Is my mindless obsession with filling my wardrobe slowly taking my soul? Is some sugardaddy or 'designer collaborator' job going to crawl out of the woodwork to keep me in shoes, bags and size 6 dresses for the rest of my life?
Let's get real here. If I was going to become a wantonly, inexplicably successful sensation, it would have happened by now. And I'm looking forward to working for everything I'm going to get in the future.
PS This is partly inspired by the latest post from Sister Wolf and the ensuing comment war. Sister Wolf is going through a horrible time right now and her rage at the consumerist rich kids is keeping her strong. Who are we to deny her that?


  1. Here from MakeDoStyle & Sister Wolf! *Waves*

    "With, y'know, maybe a trip to the Ufitzi thrown in." - That would never happen!! It's OLD stuff that you can't wear or "obtain", so what's the use of wasting your time on it.

  2. Lolz. Thanks for the visit HelsBells :)


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