Lonely Robot in a Wasteland resting in a lonely Harbour

Little makes me happier faster than a positive upbeat song. And that's the case with I Blame Coco's latest tune (see below). The chorus lifts me, despite it being a bit sad. I am a lonely robot.
I am seriously ready to escape and do something different, but doing so with very few close friends nearby, especially when escaping into the most cutthroat industry in the world, with the cynicism I have? THIS IS SPARTA.
This is also, apparently, not appropriate summerwear (as I was told at a small leaving do I went to tonight).
Why yes, I am wearing indigo jeans and leather biker boots (and three layers) in June. What of it? It's called a look? It's called not thinking a minidress that shows off (streaky bronzed) legs is work-appropriate? And it's called....oh just stuff off.
Ah well. It's hard to be sad when it's nearly the end of term (though it's bloody stressful trying to tidy away) and soon it will be high summer and I will be working where I can wear what I want. Ie. what I wear already. And get my pale legs out and not feel like some sort of leper. Seriously, I am surrounded by tanned people. I need to escape to a place with alternatives.
This top is a perfect one for me, as it's light enough for summer but sultry and dark enough for, well, me. Up close, you can see the tree detailing. I love trees.
I also love my new little ring that looks like an opal but is actually glass. I love my macro function on my camera that allows good pictures. See, there's plenty of good stuff.

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  1. I love your top & jewellery! Especially that little ring.
    I've got a competition on my blog that I think you'd be perfect for :)

    ps. I swear I've seen some of your comments in Grazia on the style hunter pages? Amazing!


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