I am currently enjoying watching Being Human while writing this post. Just a sec; I need to see what George transforming into a werewolf looks like on a 17-inch screen.
Whoah. MASSIVE. Doesn't transition instantly so needs to be paused in between though. Ah well. We can't have it all.
Am typing very slowly as this keypad is rather large also. Everything is just massive.
No I'm not tripping. I have a new laptop. Yes, the old and trusty Vaio is now living in a bag under my desk.
The monster is currently giving me my daily fix of monsters, displaying some lovely landscape photography as the desktop background and downloading all my music to Itunes. All so quietly.
Oh right, outfit! As I said in my previous post, I channelled HalCoHolic today and wore a big loud leopard-print shirt with hardcore jewellery.
I decided that I could go minimal on the accessories given the mad shirt (which I saw on a shopgirl in Office in Spitalfields and fell in love). Not quite right. Needs proper shoes (Converse, or some hardcore boots) and perhaps a jacket or waistcoat of some kind. As per usual. I'm not yet a master of accessorising. I needed more. But the pendant was great, I love it. And light grey nails look good with the browns. As always, next time.
Ok, a few more things about today. Someone has run off with the cable that allows me to listen to my Ipod on the speakers so I had to make do with headphones and looking like a special case dancing around to......
I also spent some time with my fairy Gokmother watching him add lashings of cheap belts, chunky bandles and layers of chiffon to his catwalk looks, against the mad cackling Brix Smith-Start and her designer togs. I miss when Gok had a budget. But for the first time, I was actually gobsmacked by the awesomeness of one of his ideas. Cheap plain black shoeboots, plus some gold studs, equals designer-esque total fabulousness! And that got me thinking....there's a Wang lookalike bag in Topshop, minus studs.....

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  1. -ahh, i love the outfit,
    awesome song. ahah, great blog too! (:


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