No sex please

Finally went to see Sex and the City 2, by myself. Yes, I'm still looking for my Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha. For I am most definitely a Miranda. And despite all the many, many things wrong with the film (as I will no doubt go into at a later date) Miranda was not one of them. From her sweet-natured and sound advice and her fountain-like knowledge of Abu Dhabi (which was, of course, brushed off as nerdiness), to her KILLER fashion sense and continually adorable relationship with her husband Steve (am still on the hunt for my Steve, in case you know one) I spent the whole film marvelling at how wonderful she was. I mean, the dress she wore to Stanford's wedding? Killer. If anyone has a picture please link me. 
But aside from that, massive disappointment. Slightly elevated by the pretty good day I had beforehand; finally had some contact with my peers as a whole bunch came shopping for the day following the end of exams. I miss those wonderful, carefree times. We sat in the sun, we shopped up a storm. 
And I got a good chance to debut my new maxi-dress, first seen on Karen of WhereDidUGetThat. 
Worn with lots of turquoise jewellery, sandals and my trusty black blazer. I got a great little faux-leather biker jacket today which will look great with it. It's a great dress, perfect for swishing around in on long summer days, and ideal for walking home in. Phew.

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  1. You would have had your Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte if you had come and played with us in Brum ;-)
    p.s Steve's are good, however I will not recommend you one because he is mine, at least at the moment :-P


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