'The owls...they were crying for you, Summer!'

Ah OC Season 4. I think it was aware how awful it had become and just took the piss out of itself. The earthquake? Really?
But I love how Summer stopped being a perma-tanned materialistic Barbie and became an activist, and a beautiful one at that. If we had more like her...Bono, go find one. Sting, ask Coco. She is so cool all the cool kids would back her.
Anyway, outfit. It features owls, hence the post title. I've got my eye into (as my mum would say) these long loose tops. They aren't great from the front as they are a tad too short, but from the side and back they rock.
See? Cool right? Don't ask to see any from the front. Not that anyone asks. I'm alone in a comment-free world. Come back, all is forgiven.
But yeah, in case you were going to ask, don't. I tried to do some really cool things with the wind but nooooo, I just look like a fat nutter.
Dave will back me up that I looked fat (so stop acting like you're godamn Christie Turlington). Dave never lies. Mainly because he never speaks. I have become, as I desired to be, one of those cool bloggers with a toy animal or pet that comes everywhere with them. Except mine is a cool piece of jewellery. I named him Dave because he looked like he had a personality and I have a friend with a motorbike called Dave.
Dave the scorpion accompanies my plain silver cross and my faceted silver ring, along with a silver headband. I like the idea of headbands, I convince myself that they finish an outfit nicely and make me look cool and interesting as opposed to a person with a rougish mop of unstylable hair. I might just go for the Rihanna look - see her lesbo-tastic video Te Amo to see what I mean - next time I go to the hairdressers. I miss my buzzcut a lot. It was so easy to have attitude with that haircut.
Right, time for bed. Another day of dissecting the lives of others tomorrow. Oh, and incidentally, that yellow nail varnish I wasn't sure about is in the Beauty pages of this week's Grazia. The exact same one. Yeah. Too bad I got bored this evening and painted them gold.

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