Racing for Pinks

I would like to showcase a look I like to call 'lesbian Friar Tuck on safari'.
Not that I've got anything against the lesbian/Friar Tuck take on a look. But it's such a letdown after yesterday. A haircut can make a difference in a bad way too.
This is a bad camera angle because I had to rely on hip-heigh steps. In actual fact, these trousers make my waist look really small but as a result make my hips look big (not helped by the creases from sitting down all day). Gok would disapprove. All the fashion editrixes would disapprove. Who cares? It's all meant to be about experimenting. Don't worry, I'll find a perfect way to wear these trousers. And I've mastered the catwalk belt-knotting trick.
Besides, I'm far too wired to be down. Finally watched Footloose tonight (no way near enough dancing) and am buzzing. SJP was such a cutie back then.

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