RAGE! Updated!

Another day in the ongoing campaign for natural beauty by RedHead, a bitter blow is struck.
Let's look at Exhibit A; the gorgeous, unique and quirky Kristen Stewart, beloved by RedHead, despised by legions of R-Patz fans (15-year-olds, bitchy gossip queens, menopausal women....).

Here she is at the LA premiere of the summer's biggest swoon-fest, Eclipse, in Ellie Saab. Hooray! Gone are the dodgy, ageing full-length dresses of premieres and awards gone by, and back is the young and fun dressing that we love K-Stew (and her model pins) for.

But could my dearly loved Grazia, queen of the high-end weekly, share my sentiment and shout hooray at the return of the young, hot Kristen?

Could it hell. Check their website here for the full verdict, but the sentence that really got my goat. 'Those pins of yours are shockingly pale! Oh, what we'd give to see the gal a bit bronzed up...'

Rage doesn't even come into it. Admittedly, I could count the number of times on one hand that they've shown a non-sunkissed celebrity on their cover, but from a magazine with eye-watering fashion pages and a genuine love of bringing us cutting-edge trends, the fact that they can't put their money where their Chanel-slicked mouths are and champion a natural woman who chooses to leave the fake tan at home and flaunt what God gave her as opposed to yet another California fake-baked identikit starlet, and thus indirectly telling me exactly what Company told me a few month's back - that my whole damn body is unnaceptable because it's pale - makes my blood boil. Get those legs out Kristen; they are fabulous, you are fabulous and I'll defend you to the last. Shame on you Grazia.

UPDATED - As you will see if you click on the link, Grazia has not only removed their own comment that got me so riled, but all comments by readers on the entry. A victory for free speech?


  1. She's smiling! It's the first time I've seen her smile in a photo. And she looks great - I reckon it's just jealousy that she can rock the pale look!

  2. Exactly. I frickin' love this girl.


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