RedHead Thinks That You (Both) Have Style

Double whammy on stylish ladies today. First up, the indomitable Tavi of Style Rookie.
I'm not hot on the whole thing (but it's Tavi; if someone liked her whole ensemble she'd either be incredibly incredulous or make friends with them) but I just luuuuurve those shorts, as does she. The print/design is amazing, and she waxes lyrical about them here.
The second is Vanessa of The Haute Pursuit. She's a new discovery of mine but she's been DIYing the place up/down for a while now; I love her style anyway but I love it more when she gets her DIY on. Check out her 'Miu Miu' tights...


  1. I like Tavi & the print of those shorts. But Vanessa looks & dresses exactly like Rumi (she even poses like her!!), like way too many bloggers out there. It's boring, unimaginative, & repetitive & Wasson-wannabe (yawn!), but that's only one woman's opinion. The DIY tights are extremely cool.

  2. Hey thanks for showing love to my DIY Miu Miu tights - Vanessa got inspired by them & blogged it. Hers turned out great as well!



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