RedHead Thinks That You Have Style

Bloghopping is the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on.
Ok, maybe not. But it is much more inspiring seeing real people (albeit tall, willowy beautiful people) working trends as opposed to a stylist composing them for a perfectly lit photoshoot.
Today's stylista is Sara of Harper and Harley.
She's got a cute smile, which helps. Plus I freaking love this skirt - the cut, the shade, the lightness of it - with the loose t-shirt, perfectly clinched in with a mannish detailed belt. I wonder if this would look as elegant on dumpy little me. The sleeves might do a good job of hiding my huge arms. And I could incorporate Dave the scorpion. And a hat. It's my belief that a hat solves every outfit dilemma. Unfortunately I haven't graduated much past beanies. My workmate has a proper army cap that I covet, but girls with short hair and narrow heads must beware of hats like that.

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