Du du du du du. DA, du du du du-du. Does anyone remember that song by Darude? One of the great summer dance tracks. I went through a phase.
My current (well, day-long) phase is my allegiance to grey, that wonderful shade previously associated with Granddad's underpants, but thanks to our friend Alex(ander) Wang made a more upmarket option.
(Photos from Style.com) As seen recently on Robyn in the video for 'Dancing On My Own'.
(I do sound like a one-trick pony, but I'm not making it my mission to try every style. I'll try the ones I
think will suit my look and will suit me. And I like grey.)
There. Perfect. I like stuff with hoods, stuff with pockets, and short-sleeved cardigans and jackets; they're good for breaking up longline, simple outfits. This would probably have worked even better with my Topshop sporty wedges, or without the jeans. Perfect with a very pale face and dark lips and nails.
Or perhaps with some jewellery from Fashionology. My latest blogger find If You Seek Style just ordered a dead-ringer for the Low Luv crucifix pendant from there for 25 euros. Plus they have some great Pamela Love-a-likes.

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