Someone's got their groove. It's not me.

Another addition to The Cool List - I was channel-hopping and discovered Cloverfield, which I've never seen and am now very freaked out by. I mean, people EXPLODE! Eugh. Nice. 

But it stars the incredible Lizzy Caplan, the American Rebecca Hall but far cooler and more interesting considering the roles she's had. True Blood. Mean Girls. Fun times. Plus she is very sarcastic-sounding even when she doesn't mean to be and has big emo-eyes and amazing hair. Yes, she is cool. 

However, I am not. Desperate fashion-nutter that I am, I decided that I could pull off a fitted denim shirt and chinos and look like a Stella model. I did not. 

If the trousers were flared, if I wasn't so fat I was straight up and down like a boy, and if I'd gone a bit more to town on my hair and makeup, this might have worked. But not today. Never mind. Until I actually took and looked at these photos, at the end of the day, I thought I looked pretty cool. Delusion is a wonderful thing at times.


  1. You did look cool. Those are just shit photos.

  2. Ha ha. I need my tripod. And my trusty photographer friend.


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