Songs of despair and loneliness

A familiar situation has arisen in my place of work that reminds me of the exact situation happening around five years ago. Basically, I liked this guy a lot, and he knew, but he liked my best friend.

And along comes Robyn with a fitting song. It's interesting how such an upbeat sweet song brings back the despair you feel when you worship the ground they walk on and they know and don't care.
But at least they know. I can't tell what's more pathetic; desperately wanting someone who knows how much you want them but can't bring themselves to like you back, or loving someone but being afraid to tell them. I've done both. I still think about one of them every day. I miss him.
'Im giving it my all, but I'm not the girl you're taking home.'

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  1. She reminds me of Roxette.

    I have been in this exact situation. :( I dunno, if you never tell them you can sort of kid yourself they might if they knew, you just hate yourself for never telling them. But if they do know, you wonder what on earth is wrong with you, that they won't take the oppertunity. Especially when they want someone you know for a fact doesn't like them like that.

    Stay strong.


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