Summer in Narnia

Nature must be punishing us for all the flabby people in bikinis when the sun came out a few weeks ago/all the England flags that have nothing to do with St George, and is now bringing the weather equivalent of fire and brimstone. It was actually cold. I was shivering. My blubber is purely ornamental.
What with the wind and no tripod my camera may have fallen down some stone steps. Crap. Seems ok though.
Yeah, it was windy. I was trying to get a good angle for both me and the wind effect, but haven't quite managed it. I feel that with the jacket over the longline cardi with a hood thing I resemble a Junya/Yohji type. Yeah.
With the shoes of Gavin Cavaner from The Boat That Rocked. I love these shoes. It was weird getting down from chairs; I'm so used to heels at work. These shoes are great, but the studs do rub my toes after a while. I have retarded feet. But even retarded feet need awesome shoes. Lots of them.
A friend invited me to a Facebook app called 'Shoes'. Finally, a fitting revenge for all those people who clog my newsfeed with talk of Zoo World and Farmville.


  1. I absoluely love your cardi with the hood thing. Where didya get it? You should have zoomed into you pendant thing :)

  2. omg i love this outfit...you look like a warrior princess in it! :D and love the setting!

    -Sarah M


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