Summer parka...with a biker look

This is my new 'does what it says on the tin' way of titling posts. No, kidding, I just got the idea from the ads for Very.co.uk that appear before its sponsored programme, Gok's Fashion Fix. Makes sense. Both are annoying but kind of fabulous. At least, Gok is. I couldn't comment on Very; I'm put off by the fact that it's advertised by Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby. They're like the Hydra. Has anyone ever seen them with more than ten yards seperating them? Truly they are terminally annoying of mythical proportions.
But yes, Very is keen on their summer parkas, but seemingly in a simple rotation of nautical and florals. I got very irritated by a Facebook survey-ad for Diet Coke asking if I'd be wearing nauticals, florals or nudes for summer. Erm, none. Have you SEEN me in florals? Nudes are great for thin people in the Riveria. And I already wear stripes.
I told you about my summer parka from Topshop a while ago; I loved it in all their print ads and when I found it in my size in the sale I grabbed it. I curated it, you might say. (That's a Sea of Shoesism/Sister Wolf-ism. My thoughts are with you, Sister.) 
Worn with another Topshop sale purchase: motorcycle jeans. Only work when something covers my hips and I don't stand with my knees locked. (See below). And with my dearly loved sale boots from Oasis. I remember the friend who accompanied me when I bought them (as in we went shopping together; my excesses aren't such that I need a minder and my hip and hearing are fine atm) asking me if I'd wear them. I do. And they were half-price.
Before you ask, yes there are a few things that I wore that were full price, sadly. My jewellery, all Sabo (as per) was all full price. I need to work there so badly; the discounts are insane. I modelled my jewellery today on this photo of Pixie Geldof from a Vogue shoot she did last year. I love that shoot. Most of the photos are on my photoboards/wardrobe. Remember my crazy magazine page-covered wardrobe? I've toned it down considerably. It's basically a shrine to Freja. But there's a bit of Pixie.
See Pixie has that huge crystal heart? Love it. I have one very like it, but smaller. I wore that, plus a black heart with wings, and Dave the scorpion on a long thong thread. No biker ensemble is complete without Dave. (I named him Dave after a friend of mine, who incidentally has just bought himself a motorbike! Serendipity!)
Or, indeed, with a huge bike. Remember a few years ago when all the LA-listers such as Nicole Richie were wearing Lauren Moshi animal t-shirts? The zebra and the teddy bear were very popular. I decided to be way cooler and bought the one with the bike. It's also an A-line shape which is much better for me. Hurrah!
Right, time for bed. Believe me blog fans, I want to be with you all day and all of the night, but I have to sleep. Toodles!

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