Summer parka...with double denim.

Hurrah for sunshine, Saturdays and the Harvey Nichols sale. More on that later...let's just say buh-bye wages.
I need to find a field to lie in and listen to the American Beauty soundtrack, which Itunes gave me for under £3. I can't believe Thomas Newman hasn't got an Oscar yet. But his royalties must be huge.
Looking back over my collection of outfit posts, I can only conclude that my style is effing boring! Either it's the photography or the fact that I really only wear black, but it's not a very inspiring collection. Must be the unconscious dress code. No more! It's summer, work finishes soon and those who work at lifestyle mags must dress the part.
Talking of dressing the part, I am trying to find an outfit for a wedding, which is proving great fun. Found myself a wonderful fascinator, just need to check it goes with the dress I already have. Yep, shop less and wear more, that's my new motto! Partly brought on by my recent splurge.
So today I decided, in response to the hypocrisy and scandal of yesterday's Rimmel expose, to get my pale little leggies out.
Yep, there they are. I'd seen this look (summer parka with denim shorts) in Company a few issues back and really liked it. They'd styled it with the brown version of the green suede boots that I have, but I decided I'd be more original. I originally intended to wear my white Converse but decided on my little Wang-a-likes at the last minutes. They have the black pair in the Kurt Geiger sale. Along with some other shoes...yeah it was an expensive day. I also got a gorgeous scarf from the Alice line for Temperley; it's very Proenza Schouler.
So yup, that's me done for a while. Tomorrow is a trip to see some family friends for their annual Fathers' Day lunch and their village fete and fun run. Yup, That should be a giggle.

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