THESE chicks have got style

The more astute of you will notice that I have slightly altered my blogroll, adding in several different categories.
They are pretty self-explanatory.
There is 'Lots of Style', which is reserved for sites that have a wide variety of catwalk and streetstyle awesomeness. This will be blogs intended just for this purpose, suche as Jak+Jil, or less 'professional' operations who have an excellent archive.
There is 'Clothes', which is, simply, people who wear nice clothes.
There is 'Wit', which is people whose writing is shot through with brilliance.
And there is 'Style'. This is people who I think, quite simply, have kick-ass amazing style. It might not be my style (such as Delightfully Tacky), but it's people that I really admire for their ability to style themselves, stay true to their look, and ability to generate such serious envy in me.
Here's why I love my 'Style'istas.

A Handful of Dust - she's someone I actually know, and she's genuine, cool and uncompromising. Plus she idolises all the stylish rocker types that I love.

Bleed for Fashion - I love the things she wears; they're very me. But she has the sass and the knowledge to know how to carry them off with minimal accessorising.

Delightfully Tacky - she reminds me of Pippi Longstocking with her wild red hair, and I love her Little House on the Prairie-style outfits, perfectly complemented by the amazing setting for her shoots. And the fact that she has a camper van called the Brave.

Fashion Bananas - she is beautiful. She does excellent makeup tutorials. And she always looks feminine and sophisticated. I think it's her hair.

FashionNerdic - purely because of her hair and penchant for Asos shoes.

HalCoHolic - I basically love her. She's a rock fawn. And she knows how to accessorise.

Karla's Closet - she's such a fabulous 80s throwback. Also beautiful. And she makes vintage clothing look like a realistic option. No-one else could, though.

Kingdom of Style - another girl who, like Hal, appreciates a good piece of jewellery. And I love her hair.

Nana in Wonderland - she, like Bleed, is great at composing outfits with minimal frippery to distract us.

Style Rookie - the one and only.

Style Scrapbook - she somehow always gets it right. I'm in awe.

WhereDidUGetThat - hands down my favourite blogger. She's got the cool rock-child vibe going on throughout her archive of outfits but she's willing to experiment with anything and everything. Irritatingly, I'm yet to see her in a bad outfit. Plus (and this is a very important thing for RedHead) she updates her blog almost daily. Blogs are supposed to be regular.

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