This is my last Resort...

It's really not. There is just too much awesome wonder on Style.com for me to produce a just representation of every amazing Resort piece. But here are some of my favourites...
Helmut Lang...I love the first dress a lot. And I think I would probably be best suited to wearing the final outfit - flared trousers and all that.
Thakoon...(I have a bit of fun with one of the pictures...)
Rag and Bone...
...and Preen. I love all these collections, but I think I love this one the most.
I love the mix of eclectic skater girl/boy and old style romantic dresses. And the delicate little shoesies with the boy's britches....


  1. oh wow all of these outfits are FIERCE!! what is style.com?

    ps. love the new blog layout! :D

    -Sarah m

  2. I LOVE the Rag and Bone stuff- Sssooo ALexa. Hence my love for it. Wish I had the skinny legs to pull it off!!! Xx

  3. Hey hun,

    Love the maxi dress in at the very top. The way it hangs on the model and the colours are just amazing.

    Now we've just gotta start saving those pennies! Who am I kidding!

    Love Jojo xx


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