Californian Eccentric

Deep breaths....deep breaths. I've just got back from seeing Eclipse, and whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob (or Team Jasper - he's got pretty sexy too somehow, or Team Carlisle....or whosever Team you want really) it doesn't disappoint. Phwoar. For those of you who have read the blog avidly for a while, I'm decidedly Team Jacob. He's just beautiful. And also seems like a nicer bloke than that creepy, possessive staring guy. I've forgotten his name...Possessive blokes scare me, especially ones like that who don't seem to want you to have a social life away from their goldeny gaze. Ah well, neither of them are perfect. (Or real.)
Speaking of not perfect...
I'm calling today's look Californian Eccentric. It's pretty Ke$ha-tastic. The fake zebra-skin sandals. The DIY cutoff shorts that are uneven and have dangly bits, and are a bit too long to be flattering. The sunglasses. I just decided I wanted to wear that t-shirt today (all Discworld fans will love the guitar-playing Death on a white horse) and it was too hot for jeans. I also got to wear one of my two new pendants from Fashionology - after complaining about them not responding to my email queries they redeem themselves by delivering in just over a week! This heavy cross is great, Low Luv on the cheap.
It's a bit messy, it's not particularly flattering, and the photo isn't great. But who cares? Perfection isn't real.
I desperately want to go running through a big wood now with a bunch of buff young men (though like Leah Clearwater, I imagine none of them would fancy me) but I can't. So like all sad fangirls I'll sit on my bed and listen to emo music.

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