The Clog Situation

Something terrifying happened to me today, blog fans. I got a nasty attack of the girlies.
As in, I didn't wear a single item of black or grey clothing.

Disturbing isn't it? This dress was actually in my latest charity shop bag, but I dug it out of the bag. I decided that today was the day where I attempted to wear clogs.
Ok...the day started off pretty well. I managed to walk down my stairs, and because of the height of the wedge the foot isn't actually at that much of a bend. So that was a good start. Then came trying to get down my road. I live on a hill. With rather steep parts. There was a lot of leaning backwards, rocking forwards, clenching my toes...it wasn't ideal. Small steps. I did look a tad silly.
Oh the flat, however, they work pretty well, but weirdly they're best going uphill. And of course, when sitting down, they're pretty easy to kick off.
So overall, the clog is not a total failure. It would work better if I lived in a totally flat city and had a handy car service. But I don't. So I'm not sure how many more outings I can get away with before I take a spill and end up flat on my face, minus one shoe and with a broken ankle to boot.
But it was nice dressing like a girl. It was very Sookie Stackhouse, or very WhatIWore. I'm not good with dresses. But I find myself browsing Asos' dress sale section. A-lines really work for me.

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  1. Wow, Jo, your legs are amazing! Don't do dresses, my bumbum! I say change that habit now! :)


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