Don't Drool on the Keyboard - Topshop AW10

So yeah, I'm late to the party on this one but finally been able to have a look at the complete AW'10 lookbook for Topshop.
Loves it. It's got the dark gothic elements of last year's vamp-tastic selection, but in a more sophisticated way. Fabrics are more luxe, there's not a slogan knit in sight. It's beautiful clothing, wearable but with attitude.
(Sorry about the tiny images, Blogger Image Upload is being retarded.)
I just love it. Not quite sure about the shoot location but it does bring across the idea of grungy yet simple outfits and clothes. It will require a lot of layering to achieve a messy aesthetic. It looks like you're going to have to commit fully to get the right effect. Which will mean buying a lot of things. Sigh. Currently I want that split-sided pale blue skirt, some form of shearling jacket and that amazing hat (just don't sneeze with the flap down).
But for those amongst us who are into studs, I think we're good for the next season. They even have gloves with spikes on them.
And also for those of us who want shearling...
And for those of us who want to look like watercolour vampire people.
Aaaaaah I die. I would live in this.

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