Get yourself a weapon

Another nasty rainy day, but after yesterday's pessimism I knew I had to suck it all up. That's the beauty of wallowing - you have a crapper than crap day, and then it can only get better.
Speaking of which...there's been a lot of stuff flying round the internet about anorexia again. The (tries in vain to get huge thesarus off high shelf and fails) obtuse and (there's no other word for it) catty 'journalist' Tanya Gold was doing what she does best - talking utter crap - about high fashion once again. This time, her attack was based on haute couture, something that a Topshop t-shirt claims 'est mort'. I bet Tanya simultaneously hopes it is and isn't, as a large part of her archive of 'stuff to bitch senselessly about' would be emptied. The woman hates fashion. She's got no qualms about verbalising this hatred. I think she's just a fat chick filled with resentment, and I imagine I will be a bit like her in twenty years. She'll probably still be around, spouting her Andy-Sachs-pre-makeover nonsense from a nursing home, but with luck someone who may not appreciate, but at least has the decency to understand and respect (her calling Lagerfelt and his bow with models 'daddy with whores'? Please love, how old are you? And do you write for the Mail or the Telegraph?) to treat it seriously, as so much of the world does.
But deep within another pointless and samey rant about 'oh it's all so expensive' was the age-old message about anorexic haute couture models. Which coincided nicely with a post by a certain blogger about another certain blogger who needs food more than oxygen. The blogger who linked her asked us not to insult her, and also begged someone to say something to her.
And here rears the ugly head argument about how 'evil' high fashion is. And here rears the usual counter-arguments. Not every fashion blogger is anorexic. Not everyone who is anorexic likes fashion. And body image has been important ever since we crawled out of the primordial ooze. There. Bored of that argument. But I think it's one we're going to be having for the rest of time. Ah the wonderful human condition of diminished responsibility.
But on the first blog, numerous people were sharing their experiences of anorexia, bulimia and other forms of self-abuse. Man, and woman, kind is waging war with its own form. Every one of the women who adorn my wardrobe, my mood boards and my scrapbooks are thin, slender, slim, or sometimes even too thin (Freja, though I love her, is too thin). But none are fat. None are even the heavier side of normal. It just doesn't sell, sadly. It's not inspirational (unless you're a fat person wanting to become less fat), not any more. Artists aren't dictating what women should look like any more, the fashion houses are. So I guess they are to be blamed.
I will follow this chicken-and-egg argument back to source one day, and stop rambling for now. For now, let's get back to the outfit posting! Yay! Nice neutral territory! Nobody wants to read these sorts of things from 'fashion blogs'. All the posts on the above too-thin blogger's site are 'cute bag!', 'love your shoes!' No-one will tell her that she needs to eat (if that's what her problem is - no-one likes to assume anything any more either) because it's none of our business, is it? But she has put herself out there as a fashion body, a clothes horse. And we are clearly all looking at the horse too.
Okaaaay, I'm done. Today was a nasty rainy and windy day, so bad for cutesy summer things, but ideal for stuff that worked well blowin' in the wind.
I went to lunch with a friend who remarked that I looked like some sort of templar knight, with the tunic dress and the huge cross. All I need's a broadsword and Liam Neeson.
I could have done better with the shoes (it was pouring when I left the house and the suede wedges I was planning to wear would have been ruined), and also could have ditched the jeans and just worn a long t-shirt. I have a waist-fitting coral dress that might do. But with luck the warmer weather (when it arrives) will be ripe for experimentation.
I was really excited about finding the last one of this dress in Topshop's Oxford Street store, and now the bloody thing is back on the website. I could have got one that was the right length, and fitted a bit better. Ah well. The novelty was still there. And I got two free hairties out of this one.


  1. Oh my goodness. I just looked at that girl's blog and it makes me so sad. The worst thing is it seems as though she doesn't realize she has a problem, nor do the people who leave her comments.



  2. Sometimes I find it hard to be sympathetic towards the trendy and anorexic. Because if they hate the fat on themselves, they sometimes also feel very superior about the greater fat on others. Although some are clearly more victims than others.

    Also, you should have worn your chainmail thingo with that.

  3. There's a lot I should comment on in your excellent post but I'm too busy laughing about the sentence fragment: "haute couture, something that a Topshop t-shirt claims 'est mort'."

    Something about that just kills me.

  4. Susu moderates her comments. It's a combination of women not seeing a problem because they want to be as thin, and her not allowing negative - if constructive - comments on her body.

    You look like Athena in the before picture. It's a compliment.


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