Go upstairs and sing a ballad

Post title dedicated to my dear friend Gayface (not his real name, obviously) - a South Park reference for those of you not familiar. Very funny. (Episode's called Elementary School Musical).
Well I don't tend to go upstairs and sing ballads, but I do like to go and sing. I went for a run this evening after work and my iPod shuffled round to Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel. I love that song. So I pulled over and sat on the grass harmonising. I love to sing. I want to do some form of kareoke in my life. I'd probably sing an Annie Lennox song.
Right now I'm listening to Joanna Newsom. I was put onto her at work as she is coming to my hometown and we're featuring her in our Events Calendar. So I duly listened to her stuff. She's like the lovechild of Bjork, Kate Bush and Maddy Prior, with a harp. She's mad. She slags off Lady Gaga. She's musical Marmite. I kind of love her. Should really get back into good folksy music. Then sit under a tree in a long white dress and write poetry.

Today I continued with what appears to have been a week of shorts and dresses (Monday and Tuesday I was out delivering the magazine so a) no nice clothes for pictures and b) got so hot that the clothes went straight in the wash) and wore a dress I've had for ages and not yet worn.
Doesn't it just look like McQueen?
This is the look that came immediately to mind when I first saw my dress. Only mine was about a tenner from good old Primarni. I'm sure my fellow blogger Blair would approve.
So tomorrow I think I'll wear a dress again. Watch this space! Will it be cute? Colourful? Grungy? Oh the possibilities are endless.
Though not that endless. I'm now a bona fide Ebay seller and hope to get rid of a lot of good stuff over the summer. So have a look! There's a link to my profile in the Pages, or search 'redheadfashionistajo'.


  1. Love the dress! It does look like a McQueen and it looks great on you. Why can't we have a Primark in the States?? Why??

  2. Don't worry. You got Topshop, I'm sure you'll get Primark. And plus at least you avoid the crowds....it's horrid on a Saturday.


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