Hammer Time

And another super-speedy one for you guys - am off to Birmingham (my university town) to see some old friends. Hurrah for whistle-stop tours! But because nothing comes between my and my Calvins readers, here's my outfit for today.
Hurrah for silly MCHammer trousers! (Though still mercilessly difficult to style.) These have huge excess triangles of fabric which you think would make me look eeeeeeven fatter, but I don't think they do. Wonder what the kids at Lookville would have to say.
But they are fun, have greeny feathers all over them, and were well cheap in the sale. First time a salesgirl has actually recommended me something that's a) cheaper than what I was trying on and b) that I actually liked as much as she said I would! That's not been happening very much recently....


  1. Love those trousers, you really pull them off, not sure if i could though i'd like to!

    Just saw your comment about The Safety Dance - It's such an awesome song! It took an age for me to find out what it was called though after i heard it on GG, then i saw it on an advert that featured a tiny naked man with a huge beard and i thought, well i'm not putting that in google, god knows what will come up haha!

    Stacey xx

    Stacey xx

  2. Hurrah, indeed! I'm all for harem pants! I like the bold print on yours.



  3. You look great in them!I would NOT be able to pull them off.



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