I saw a UFO but nobody believes me

I'm back! Again, sorry for the short-term desertion - I was in London (for a change) chaperoning my cousin and her friends at Wireless Festival. They really didn't need me. It was like going to a concert with the Skins cast. (Just lots of Effies, really, and a Pandora and maybe a Jal). Intimidating doesn't begin to cut it.
But aside from this I did manage to squeeze in a little else; fainting on the Tube, sitting in fields, watching a truly awful film (2012 - just don't. Unless you fancy a good laugh) and, of course, a teeny wheeney bit of retail therapy. I tried on these AMAZING Alexander Wang boots (as seen on Hal at HalCoHolic)...
...then I upset the hopeful salesman by telling him I couldn't afford them. I could, however, afford this Topshop dress as seen in Grazia's Style Hunter pages and on Karen of WhereDidUGetThat.
Since this dress appeared in Grazia and on Karen it sold out on the Topshop website in both black and white, but guess who found the last one in the Oxford St store? It's a Large so it's, erm, a bit long for me, but I'll cut some off the bottom and it'll be fine. I also bought some other things in Topshop, but more on that later.
I've just noticed that Karen is wearing a Fashionology pendant in that picture - I can't wait for my order from them to arrive! Should be some time this week....:)
Coming home was nice - my parents are away this week so it's just me and the rats, but they were desperate to come out and play and are busy chewing my Topshop paper bag. It was also nice to come home and wash my legs - Hyde Park was dusty.
As I was going to this concert and then straight back to Bristol, I needed to pack light. And dress sensibly. So here was my fail-proof 24-hour capsule wardrobe.
In true street style fashion...
I thought a maxi-dress would be good as it would keep me both cool and warm. As it was quite clingy and I don't really, well, respond well to clingy, the belt and the little jacket were essential to break it up and to add a little character. And because it was pale and Hyde Park was dusty it needs a good wash. Black would have been better.  Flats were essential. Make-up was minimal. And a roomy, Wang-like shoulder bag to carry my essentials. I saw the real Wangs that this one was inspired by in Selfridges, along with the Coco bag.
But I did manage to get hold of a little Wang to bring home...
So I'll be living on beans for the next month.

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