I shot the Sheriff....and it was epic

So Day Two of my soulful, consumer-free existence dawns. It's going ok. I am mentally rifling through my wardrobe now for all the stuff to Ebay. Several pairs of shoes will go first. Including these.
Cute little Office brogues, hardly worn (ok, three times), decent sale purchase, versatile and cute, very Alexa Chung and also work-appropriate. Gave me blisters. Need to wear them with socks. My tender ankles can't cope.
Remember this dress? I bought it several months ago as I loved it despite its obvious likeness to Christopher Kane. I don't really like the Kanester (too overexposed) but I did like this dress. So today I had to belt it, even though it's not really designer for one, and add a silver ram skull for that Wild West thing. Yeah.
Speaking of designers, finally got around to watching Britain's Next Top Model. Can't BELIEVE the girls met William Tempest! He's up there with my Top 5 Most Epic Designers (Galliano, McQueen, Pugh, Owens - I'm well predictable). But I'm kind of embarassed for him. This series of BNTM is like supercharged ANTM. With added Bs. Bitches, Bullies and erm, Julien McDonald. He drives me crackers.
And finally on the note of designers, despite my usual love of anything angry I have fallen a little in love with this Moschino ensemble, as seen on Leighton Meester while filming Gossip Girl in Paris.
So cute! So many ruffles! It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! Or maybe this mutton-tastic look from Serena is more your taste...
Loves it too, but she does always insist on wearing these ridiculously ageing outfits. Wear some jeans and a cute top, hun.
And please do something new with your hair. I'm thinking....purple. Or blue. In a bob. Yes, I sort of idolise Ramona from Scott Pilgrim. Know nothing about the books but a good filmy friend is spamming my Twitter feed with trailers. Check it. It's epic.
Yeah. Epic. I'm off for some epic sleep. If I can ever turn off my radio. The on button sticks.

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  1. We are so on a roll sister!

    Just don't let me look at those shoes. Want them but can't have them...Can't look. Must turn away.

    Like the waves in your hair today



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