I'm back, baby

Hello again gang. Have returned from my brief sojourn to the Midlands (or the North if you're from Devon and Cornwall) and my alma mater of Birmingham. Pride of the Midlands. How I miss it. And how I miss the good times that went down in that place.
But considering how bitter I was about it this time last year (when I graduated) I think I've come leaps and bounds since then. Weirdly, I'm feeling more upbeat and positive than I have all year. Despite being about to leave two paying jobs and a comfortable, rent-free home to try and make it with no money and only luck in the Big Smoke, I have never been more ready to jump with both feet. You've gotta jump to fly.


  1. Was just reading some Jonathan Coe books set in Birmingham.

  2. Sounds scary. Good luck.


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