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In my identity-hunting phase where I liked what I was told to fit in (most people call it 'school') I think I may have bought an Athlete album. Error. But when I put on my summery 70s jumpsuit and walked down the road to work in the sunshine, that's the only song I could think of. Apart from We Built This City, which I pretty much listen to on a loop, along with the music from Inception and Mark Ronson's new song.
As well as my jumpsuit and several packets of hair dye, I bought Being Human Series 2 on DVD yesterday, after pratting around looking at Amazon and Play.com for a while and then just deciding fuck it, I need me some Aidan Turner and Amy Manson. I love the second series because of the introduction of the Scottish actress Amy Manson, playing the flirtatious and dangerous Daisy. She runs around in a cute little flowery smock and comes out with lines like: 'I'm hungry, can we pick someone up on the way home?' (Btw, she is a vampire. I'm aware I didn't explain that the first time.) I was hoping to add a photo but Google is retarded.
So instead there will be photos of me in my new jumpsuit.
Hurrah for jumpsuits! And for extra-moisturising red lipstick in a gorgeous compact by Guerlain.
And for this. Time for a shameless plug people. If you know and love my blog like I know and love my blog, you'll submit me for the Cosmo New Blogger Award. Oh, and a big hello to all my new followers and influx of hits over the past few weeks. Welcome. Stay, enjoy the scenery. Big love.

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