Radio Silence

Freeeeeeaky, just as the clock chimed midnight the radio went silent. It hasn't come back on yet.
I get the feeling that posts over the next few days will be a bit unsatisfactory. Doing a full-time job (for it is, despite not getting paid - one of the basic parts of a job description) takes up more time and brain power than I thought. So I will have to do what I did for a while and collate all my thoughts of the day. Fashiony thoughts. My main one today was how calculating the industry is - a whole bunch of 'starter' graduate jobs I've been looking at require a fashion degree, and at least a year's experience as, say, a buyer if you want to be a buyer with them. The mind boggles as to how one breaks into this mythical industry of smoke and mirrors. I understand that every job wants the best, but skills can be learnt, raw love of the industry and genuine interest can't.
So aside from this, other things contributed to this being a rubbish Tuesday. After having a good day yesterday, today was always going to be a downer. Plus it's nearing print deadline at work and everyone's stressed. And there's my general downer social situation.
But I'll get over it. For now I'll just dress appropriately.
I was a bit hot in the jacket, but walking down the road in just a light top left me too cold. It was like October today. And as much as I love autumn, I'm not ready for October yet. I want more sunshine. So I can wear skirts (thankyou to the nice anonymous person who commented on my Clog post) and dresses and light-coloured things with my black.
There was a girl in Grazia's Style Hunter section (it really pisses me off that they only ever photograph London and occasional Fashion Week spots. I'd have a dedicated photographer for every region) wearing boots like mine. Think hers were Chloe and I bet she paid a lot more than I did. I also bet people have paid a lot more for the Low Luv version of this giant cross necklace that I'm wearing (you can just see it). Fashionology is my new ASOS - I trawl it when bored.
With luck it will be sunny tomorrow so I can dress more optimistically.

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