Rebel Yell

What a day! I finished work at 6pm! Like, early! Crazy. It did mean I had to start two hours earlier, but hey ho, you can't win 'em all. As a result I had more time to slob around watching repeats of Friends. When E4 finally gives up the ghost on that one I don't know what I'll do. Work some more, I suppose.
And watch repeats of Britain's Next Top Model, which has started a glamourous, big-name sixth season with Elle MacPherson at the helm of a younger, hotter, bitchier and actually successful judging panel. They've won awards. They've been in more than two photos. They don't appear on Gok's Fashion Fix...as a model...
Anyway, enough embarassment for has-beens. This season it's all about the new, fresh faces and so far, I'm pretty happy with the lineup. They put my favourite girl, a ginger-haired Irish girl who looks like Amy Adams, through at the last minute, so it's all good.
So today was my first day as a bona fide magazine intern. Super-exciting times. I was a tad overdressed but that's normal for me I reckon. I even had to take my laptop there in my beloved Gucci oilslick tote because it's the only bag big enough for my MASSIVE laptop. The bag cost more than the laptop (at full price anyway; actually, at full price it cost two of the laptop). I need a cheaper bag...
My inner Brix Smith-Start would be proud though. I have coveted her gold-tinted aviators that she wears on Gok's Fashion Fix and when I saw these budget ones in Topshop I grabbed 'em. They will surely beat Gok.
I couldn't take very good photos because it was too sunny (I know, I know...) so I gave up and went to Sainsbury's. Basically I was going for summer Victoriana with this light blouse (like all the best Topshop tops I own it's longer at the back) and my raven skull pendant. It's quite hard to commit to a full look in the heat. But it was a good start.

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