Ride the Kick

Man.....whoah......Just seen Inception. Drop EVERYTHING and see it. It's amazing. Christopher Nolan clearly has way too much time to think, but despite what the critics says it's really not that confusing. And if you do get confused, just sit back and enjoy the ride. Like if you were asleep. In a bus.
And enjoy the *ahem* fine acting talent.
The adorable Ellen Page, the weirdly, gets-more-appealing-as-time-goes-by Leo. And the decidedly dishy Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He's come a long way since helping Heath get Julia. Mmmm.
Yeah. See it. It's just amazing.
Good day to go and sit inside as well. Yesterday had an absolutely beautiful day - gorgeous sunshine, daytrip to lovely rustic setting....twas fun. So today was obviously going to be another letdown (like Tuesday after Monday; there's a theme here) and it was a bit rainy and dreary. But tomorrow is apparently going to be really nice and I have a new jumpsuit to wear.
Today, for some mad reason, I wore a woolen scarf.
I bought this blue zebra-print (obviously in the sam bizarre zoo as blue leopards and Violet Beauregard) in the Selfridges sale, and decided as the rest of me was decidedly boring I would wear it. I got a bit warm.

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