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It's only getting warmer outside, so the usual goth-lite black outfits I favour don't really cut it. So I've had to alter my wardrobe stant a little bit.
Ok, more Eclipse talk....I was excited to see the actress that they'd finally cast as Leah Clearwater (interestingly, if you Google 'Leah Clearwater', the actresses Michelle Rodriguez, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens come up first), as after all the fear I'd had worrying that the rumours that V-Hudge had been cast were true, this new actress, largely unknown Julia Jones, was a relief. She has the slight Native American look that's right for the part, as well as having the seething rage that Michelle Rodriguez has (I basically love Michelle - her in Avatar kicks Angelina's Lara Croft to the dirt).
So yes, we love her. Looking forward to seeing more of her in the next two films (though with Bella's moodiness I'm not sure how many more female hormones the franchise can take...)
But her Navajo-grunge look got me thinking of the perfect summer style icon - Bat for Lashes, aka Natasha Khan.
Natasha does a fine line in gypsy-style dressing elements added to conventional outfits. If it drapes, has batwings or beading, there's a good chance she's worn it. But there's nothing quite like a headband to make you feel a little bit bohemian and, crucially, feminine. Given that I have hardly any hair to play with, a selective of interesting headbands has an imporant place among my accessories. Of course, I'd love to have long, inky hair like Natasha, but we can't have everything.

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